On-The-Go 7-day Teeth Whitening Kit


Get the best whitening results possible without spending thousands of dollars on teeth whitening appointments.

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Use Haring B On-The-Go 7 Day teeth whitening program to get your whitest smile at home. Our dentist-ingredient formula safely removes stains from your teeth without altering physiological structure of your teeth. Formulated to removed both intrinsic and extrinsic stains, Haring B On-The-Go quickly gets visible results.

Check your results instantly after each application with our handy shade guide (included)!

✓  1 x 3 ml Haring B Teeth Whitening Gel (7-day supply)

✓  1 x Shade Guide to check your progress results!

    Haring B On The Go Teeth Whitening kit

    How much product does 1 On-The-Go have?

    One On-The-Go has enough gels for up to 14 applications.

    How long do the results last?

    Haring B results last several months. Your teeth will gradually become stained over time. Depending on your lifestyle the natural staining process may occur faster. We recommend using all 14 applications according to our schedule first then using Refills just once a week in order to maintain your pearly white smile all-year round.


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